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Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Sling Backpack

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    You ask yourself, “Should I buy a backpack or sling pack?" Both serve their own set of purposes. While a backpack, when worn properly is carried over both shoulders, a Sling Pack is properly worn with the single strap across the chest, not the shoulder. If you’re going heavy, stay with a backpack which is supported by both shoulders. But if light is the word, a sling pack might be more practical and easier to put on. This sling pack might do the trick. It has the iconic Harley-Davidson® orange and white Bar & Shield® front and center and is made from five different nylon and novelty poly-nylon blends for great durability. The interior pockets are lined with an orange ghost Bar & Shield® lining. There are plenty of organisational pockets and compartments too. It is roomy enough for papers, clothing and/or lightweight books, even an IPad. The bag is embellished with an “American Legend Since 1903" embroidered badge in addition to the Harley-Davidson® B&S® logo. The handle is wide for easy toting for short distances and the zippers all have easy to grip pulls. Remember, the sling pack only has one strap, and it is properly worn across the chest. Measures 14" W x 19½ H" x 5½ D".

    • Nylon and Poly-Nylon Blend
    • Bar & Shield Graphic
    • MP3 Portal
    • Ghost Bar & Shield Lining
    • Leather Zipper Pulls

    PN: BP1957S-ORGBLK


3445 Pacific Hwy, Springwood, Brisbane QLD 4127

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