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Harley-Davidson® Glaze Poly Sealant

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    Three products in one bottle. A durable, breathable, clear poly sealant with UV protection that protects against fading and the oxidizing effects of acid rain and harsh airborne pollutants.

    • Ultrafine leveling agent removes fine scratches and minor blemishes in clear coat finishes
    • Tough enough to handle tar, tree sap, stains, and pollutants
    • Easy to apply
    • Hand buff for a deep, reflective finish
    • For use on chrome-plated and gloss painted surfaces
    • Not for use on brake discs or denim, semi-gloss or wrinkle-finish surfaces
    • Biodegradable

    PN: 93600079


3445 Pacific Hwy, Springwood, Brisbane QLD 4127

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