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Harley-Davidson® Tyre Gauge and Tread Depth Indicator with Embossed Leather Pouch

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    Combination dial air pressure and tread depth gauge with a 90 degree air chuck attached to the flexible stainless steel air line to provide easy access to the valve stem.

    • Features Harley-Davidson® script
    • Durable internal diaphragm provides accurate air pressure readings with a dual range indicator for 0-60 psi and 0-400 kPa readings.
    • Calibrated for 10-50 psi and 0-32/32" tread depth readings
    • Rotate the indicator shaft 90 degrees in the housing for 70-345 kPa and 0-30mm tread depth readings
    • Complete with a Bar & Shield graphic embossed leather pouch

    PN: 75110-98B


3445 Pacific Hwy, Springwood, Brisbane QLD 4127

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