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Redthunder 2-IN-1 Full System Touring Softail M8 2017 & Up - Satin

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    Touring Full-System 2-IN-1. For models from 2017 to present, with forward controls and centre pegs. Euro3 certified. Available in Satin, Cerakote Black and Chrome finish.

    2:1 stepped header starts with a 1 3/4’’ tube on the head, with a smooth stepped transition to a 2’’ tube all the way into the merged collector. The 2:1 collector merges into the silencer with a 2 1/4 tube. This pipe is meant to generate a great between torque and horse power.

    • Heat shields are included.
    • Colour: Satin
    • Softail M8 - For models from 2017 to present

    PN: RR-74032TOS


3445 Pacific Hwy, Springwood, Brisbane QLD 4127

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